A project supported by State funding to provide a report detailing the extent of prickly acacia infestation in north west Queensland and the viability of using this resource as a bio fuel for pellets or wood chip both domestically and internationally.

This project will also explore the ongoing viability of Sterile Leucaena as a future biofuel and livestock fodder alternative. Project status 90% complete. Photo collage prickly acacia, harvester, pelletiser, and pellets.

This project will provide important information, of the potential for developing bio mass material and associated industry suitable for clean energy generation and export of Biomass wood pellets (harvested prickly acacia: classified as the greatest environmental threat to the region). This will include cropping options for other products; for example sterile hybrid Leucaena (currently being developed by the University of Queensland).

Download a copy of the FINAL North West Queensland Biomass Project Scoping Study Report – January 2020 (PDF – 7.6mb)