About Us

The Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone (MITEZ) is a regional organisation representing seven local government areas across the northern parts of Queensland.

MITEZ encompasses Mount Isa, Cloncurry, McKinlay, Richmond, Flinders, Charters Towers and Townsville, a total land area of 271,732 square kilometres.

Strategically located, MITEZ forms a vital corridor connecting the extensive mineral and agricultural resources of the region to the rest of Queensland, Australia, and to international markets through road, rail, air and sea transport. Queensland’s resource-rich outback has undergone significant diversification in recent years, with new markets and industries fuelling growth among all MITEZ members. Our organisation is committed to maintaining its existing investments and to investigating new opportunities as they arise, helping to accelerate growth in the region and securing its economic future for decades to come.

Mitez Development zone

MITEZ Infrastructure Map

our pillars

We measure our success addressing four strategic pillars

Economic Leadership

Working with members and stakeholders to deliver a shared economic development agenda. Through innovation, we are committed to working toward a circular economy model. We seek to be significant contributors to the economic development landscape for the regions.

Engaged Membership

Deliver a compelling value proposition for all members, ensuring all members are engaged well informed and are eager to be Mitez ambassadors. We seek to increase our membership across all industry groups across the zone.

Politically Persuasive

Through advocacy on behalf of our members we see to influence all levels of Government as a respect, apolitical advocate for the region.

An Effective Organisation

Build a strong, professional, collaborative, effective and agileorganisation with focus on continuous improvement in all that we do.

become a memeber

Work with us to shape Queensland’s future

MITEZ is built on the strength of our member organisations and the results they produce while working together to develop and grow the region’s economies.

Looking Back

Mitez History

MITEZ was incorporated in 1994 as part of initiatives from the Federal and Queensland Governments to group Australia’s regional areas based on common economic and social objectives. These schemes were designed to create networks of interdependent regional towns who could work together, both commercially and administratively, on projects that created growth and prosperity for their populations.

The creation of MITEZ served to formalise the long-standing relationships held between cities in the region at the time. Regional development projects, international mining operations and infrastructure across the corridor were already shared interests for the cities that would join MITEZ, and formal cooperation helped to strengthen those bonds.