MITEZ Economic Development

MITEZ REGION The Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone (MITEZ) extends 920 kilometers inland from its most eastern point on the Great Barrier Reef, across North Queensland over the Great Dividing Range, and across the outback of North West Queensland to the Northern Territory border. The region covers approximately 16% of Queensland’s total land area.

The MITEZ region encompasses the seven Local Government Areas (LGAs) of: Mount Isa, Cloncurry, McKinlay, Richmond, Flinders, Charters Towers and Townsville. The cooperation of local governments, corporations and organisations allows MITEZ to research and pursue projects that further economic and social development goals across the entire region.

The MITEZ region acts as a vital integrated transport corridor, connecting the region and its extensive mineral and agricultural production to the rest of Queensland, Australia and internationally via road, rail, air and sea links.

MITEZ has coordinated, supported and taken part in a wide range of projects that have been researched or completed in the area stretching from Mount Isa to Townsville. Joint projects that expand the industries, infrastructure and community wellbeing of MITEZ participants are the key to developing our region and attracting valuable interest that will shape our future.

As one of the country’s biggest infrastructure corridors, MITEZ connects Queensland to Australia and the rest of the world, helping to provide, process and export many of the resources our country has become famous for.

Strategically located, MITEZ forms a vital corridor connecting extensive mineral and agricultural resources, and tourism opportunities, to domestic and international markets

MITEZ Vision

Learn about what we do for Northern Queensland

Connecting some of Queensland’s richest resources to the rest of the state, the transport corridor at the heart of MITEZ is vital to delivering products and materials that people all over the world rely on.

A strong and globally competitive region, with world-class infrastructure and livability for our communities.

Through collaborative and inclusive engagement, achieve strong economic outcomes across  key industry sectors including mining, agriculture, renewables, energy, tourism and Defence.

Key focus is to facilitate the delivery of sustainably sound economic growth initiatives that will create employment opportunities and raise prosperity for regional Queenslanders. 

Committed to supporting existing industries and pursuing diversification of new opportunities while developing the required infrastructure and effective and efficient logistic supply chains necessary to support projects.

Strong & Committed Membership

The commitment of our member organisations allows us to coordinate projects and further the development of our economic region to the benefit of all Australians

Creating Partnerships

MITEZ serves as the focal point for partnerships between organisations, leaders and government bodies, allowing them to work towards a better future together

Growing Regional Economies

Home to hundreds of thousands of residents, developing the economies of the MITEZ region stands to benefit regional Queensland and Australia as a whole

Partner With Us Our Members

MITEZ works with hundreds of business leaders, organisations and government bodies from the Great Barrier Reef to Queensland’s Western border

Work with us to shape Queensland’s future

MITEZ is built on the strength of our member organisations and the results they produce while working together to develop and grow the region’s economies

“From small things, big things grow is a message that inspires the Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ) and is the reason the regional development group supports a variety of projects such as feasibility studies and technical reports that are expected to benefit economies in the North West.”