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The projects put together by MITEZ are made possible thanks to the help and coordination of the businesses, leaders and government organisations we work with across the region.

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Governments, organisations and corporations from across MITEZ are welcome to join us on our mission to grow local economies and provide more opportunities for the people and businesses who call the region home.

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While MITEZ was officially established as a partnership of governments in the participating regions, we are happy to accept support from both public and private organisations. The help our members provide is vital to working towards a brighter future for the more than 230,000 people who call the region home. It is the cooperation of governments, business leaders and private corporations that allows us to commit to strategic projects and take a hand in shaping a brighter future not only for the MITEZ region, but for Queensland and Australia as a whole.

Local Government Membership

Local Government membership in MITEZ is an opportunity for Councils and Shires to invest in the substantial future of their region. MITEZ has the official recognition of both the Queensland and Federal Government, meaning the organisation benefits from significant access to the resources and political authority of the broader community. Working towards a more stable and sustainable future for your region is made much simpler with the cooperation and access to private corporations and organisations that MITEZ offers.

Corporate & Supporter Membership

MITEZ owes thanks to the ongoing support of its Corporate Members and Supporters. Their participation in the scheme represents a major investment in the short and long term goals of the regions, as well as in the Councils and Shires who participate.

Joining MITEZ gives Corporate Members and Supporters the opportunity to take part in strategic planning, providing input on projects that will shape the future not only for our population, but also for the businesses operating in the region.

Organisational Membership

Organisational Membership is suitable for any organisations looking to participate in growing our regional economies through an investment in MITEZ. We offer significant access to both government resources and our corporate members, making it easier than ever to take a hand in shaping the future of the region.

Organisational Members are afforded the opportunity to provide input and feedback on regional and strategic development initiatives.

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