Economic development group, MITEZ has engaged GHD Consulting to assess the flow-on benefits from the pipeline that will bring NT gas to Mount Isa in 2018.

In addition to current customers such as Incitec Pivot, MITEZ believes that the pipeline could provide energy solutions for other companies in the region, particularly those who have substantial resource deposits within close proximity of the pipeline.

MITEZ President, Mr David Glasson said the report is expected to be completed by late May and it is hoped the findings will provide a clearer picture of the extent of the potential for growth arising from the supply of NT gas.
“In 2015, MITEZ worked with the Tennant Creek/ Mount Isa Cross Border Alliance to ensure the pipeline came to Mount Isa and following the decision in November last year to bring the gas to Mount Isa we approached the Queensland Government to assist us to carry out a study to assess the additional benefits of the pipeline’ said Mr Glasson.

“There has been a great degree of optimism since the announcement of the pipeline and we expect MITEZ’s report will provide valuable information about future demand to further encourage the pipeline operators” he said.

“We believe NT gas will be an important factor in driving the future development of the North West Minerals Province and it is vital that long-term gas contracts can be acquired by miners and processing companies, however this will require the gas industry to further develop in the Northern Territory if it is to meet future demand” said Mr Glasson.