Beef processing


Beef production is a major economic activity in the Region. Council is currently working on a Meat Processing Facility project to ensure new job creation while value adding to the Region’s biggest agricultural commodity


Charters Towers, North Queensland, Australia

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Why invest?

With increasing cattle turnoff in northern Queensland, the opportunity exists for a new processor to capitalise on the Asian demand growth. The two existing basic paths to market (via processors in south eastern Queensland, and live export) involve the transport of live cattle over long distances. The Port of Brisbane is 1300 km south of Townsville.

Strategically located within the prime cattle growing area of North Queensland, and enabling the benefit
of its location at the crossroads of all major highways in and out of the northern region, a process facility at Charters Towers will significantly reduce the travel distances for cattle to processors, reducing costs to processors and increasing producer revenue in return.


Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ) and Charters Towers Regional Council


Glen Graham, MITEZ:


T: +61 7 4743 3488


Further Information

Charter Towers Beef Processing Investment Opportunity- Meat Processing Facility Overview (PDF)