The purpose of this project was to develop a proposal to assess the current work associated with the O’Connell Creek Water Storage and Irrigation Project on the Flinders River and identify any gaps which may be preventing the project from advancing to a stage where relevant approvals can be obtained and the required level of investment.

Stakeholders agreed to support the project and formed a reference group to progress it.  Gaps were identified and the required information to progress the project highlighted.  DAFF agreed to update the cropping modelling and DERM agreed to undertake further investigations into the soil makeup.

In 2013 CSIRO and DAFF completed a $10.6 million study to scientifically assess the sustainability of developing irrigated agriculture on the Flinders and Gilbert River catchments. This study also assessed indigenous and cultural uses of the rivers and if there were any impacts for other industries relying on these catchments such as prawn and barramundi fishing in the Gulf.

Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment: Key Findings

Richmond Shire Irrigation Development Opportunity Prospectus

This prospectus collates available information and analysis conducted to date for investor scrutiny of opportunities for food and fibre production in North Queensland, addressing Australia’s agricultural future.

Richmond Shire Irrigation Development (PDF 2.1mb)