Granite Mining


Recommission granite mining and processing


Townsville, Mount Isa, North Queensland, Australia

Investment type

Recommission mines and processing facility

Investment opportunity highlights

The project is at an advanced stage of readiness to begin production almost immediately

Investment required

Stage 1 AUD$1.5 million
Stage 2 AUD$5.5 million


Dependent on investor – mining lease approved and processing facility ready for recommission

Financial information

Available on request

Why invest?

  • Major capital equipment for processing already in place
  • Granite mining leases approved
  • Twelve months supply of large granite blocks already available at the mine sites
  • Approximately $1.5 million in partially prepared sawn slabs are on hand at the processing facility
  • Staged production plans in place: Stage 1 granite pavers, Stage 2 granite and marble kitchen and bathroom bench tops and accessories
  • Mount Isa stones ranked in Top 10 of Group 4 stones in the world
  • Strong potential demand in the local and foreign markets for Australian sourced natural stone
  • Well-developed business plan
  • Local government supports the mining project


Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone (MITEZ) and Mount Isa City Council (MICC)

Further Information

Glen Graham, MITEZ: E   W  P +61 7 4743 3488
Mount Isa City Council: W