As a result of catastrophic flooding over large parts of the North West and parts of Townsville, getting back to a normal situation looks like being a monumental task with the region requiring considerable support from the rest of the nation said to MITEZ President, David Glasson.

Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone expressed its concern about the situation that occurred along the Mount Isa to Townsville corridor as many of the people in the grazing industry, businesses, industries, councils and their local communities come to terms with the seriousness and likely impacts that the flooding will have for the short and longer term.

Mr Glasson said just two weeks ago, after the initial rain, many areas were celebrating the prospects of reasonable rainfall to break the long, dry spell and set the scene for a bumper year ahead, particularly the cattle properties whose dams had become very low forcing graziers to consider de-stocking.

“After the huge amounts of rain that has fallen across the MITEZ region, a tragic set of circumstances is quickly coming to light and when the flood waters eventually recede, there will be a better understanding about the extent of damage that has occurred and how long it will take to complete the necessary repairs to infrastructure such as roads, rail, communications to restore some normality,” Mr Glasson said.

He said Governments needed to pay particular attention to the human element of the situation and do whatever they can to help people so that they can have the confidence to stay in their businesses, to be able to access the money needed to re-build, to re-stock and to stay on their properties.

“For the future of the nation, consideration must be also given to the young people who will be the next generation of primary producers who have limited assets but may have borrowed to invest to build up a business for their future,” he said.

“As nation it is vital, that those who have been the back-bone of the country for a number of generations are given all the support they will need to re-build their businesses, restore their cattle numbers and get the North back to a strong position once more.”