A regional transport and logistics facility has been identified as a project of significant value to Mount Isa’s agenda for diversification and the project of undertaking this feasibility study is to prove the concept, identify possible locations and to support Mount Isa’s immediate diversification plans.

A key element of Mount Isa City Councils strategic direction is to establish a regional transport and logistics centre that would provide an attractive environment for mining, heavy industry, the cattle industry and at a major level to assist transport efficiencies. This fostered environment would provide significant additional vibility, value and support for these industries to develop new ventures and expand existing operations. It will also equally cater for industrial services, light industry, tourism, general transport and wholesale and retail commercial sectors.

This project will assess the feasibility for such a facility which would link all forms of transport and maximise efficiencies for companies and authorities in transport movement, goods handling/storage, equipment, plant management and refueling.