Beef processing


Following the 2012 Queensland Government report evaluating the commercial viability of a northern outback Queensland meat processing facility and the investment opportunity prospectus, Flinders Shire has since undertaken additional work (Scoping Study and Feasibility Study) prepared by Stewart Routledge and Associates to highlight the opportunities and competitive advantages of establishing a beef plant at Hughenden.

Flinders Shire Council has identified a suitable site with access to water, power and fuel as well as other benefits the Shire can offer a potential investor.


Hughenden, North West Queensland, Australia

Investment type


Investment opportunity highlights

  • Beef plant concept – an integrated beef processing plant
  • Two potential models
    -Hot boning cows, plus cold boning prime steer (Model 1)
    -Hot boning cows ( Model 2)
  • Anticipated production per day
    -59.1 tonnes (Model 1)
    -29.3 tonnes (Model 2)
  • Employ approximately 200 workers

Investment required

  • $52.8m (Model 1)
  • $34.4m (Model 2)


Dependent on investor

Financial information

Further information available on request

Why invest?

  • Global demand puts northern Australia in an excellent position to capitalise on rising demand for food such as protein (beef)
  • Pre-feasibility studies have been undertaken with the support of local government and key regional stakeholders
  • Flinders Shire Council has already applied for a water allocation for a beef processing facility
  • Potential cropping land 15-20,000 hectares of arable cropping land suitable for fattening
  • Irrigation can be a mix of flood, centre pivots, and trickle systems
  • Cropping area adjacent to the meat processing facility
  • Close proximity to road and rail corridor to Townsville Port
  • Local producers are keen to work with investors to devise commercial structures that would support the development of a meat processing facility in order to reduce risk and manage seasonal issues


Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ) and Flinders Shire Council


Glen Graham, MITEZ:


T: +61 7 4743 3488


Further Information

Flinders Shire Beef Processing Investment Opportunity (PDF)