Develop a new educational, research and tourism centre with a focus on a natural unique environment and culture


Julia Creek, North West Queensland, Australia

Investment type


Investment opportunity highlights

Develop a new Research and Education Centre with Tourism component. Potential for the proposed centre to be a partnership arrangement with Government in relation to Fisheries, Natural Resources, Education including R&D, industry and philanthropic opportunity

Investment required

AUD1.5 – 1.8 million construction cost


Dependent on investor but development to commence by 2015 is desirable

Financial information

Potential for the proposed centre to be a philanthropic project operating at breakeven

Why invest?

  • Unique and innovative Induction Centre for Industry and Tourism
  • Ensure long term research and education of endemic environment conducted within the region allowing on site field research to be part of the process
  • Centre will contain one of a kind large aquatic displays that are utilised for research, education and tourism
  • Offset revenue will come from Coffee Shop that ties to the natural environment including sustainable, clean living i.e. aquaponics for growing produce from fish tank waste showcasing future living in Northern Inland Australia
  • Entire centre including external landscaping, which will contain endemic plants of the region, will showcase educational, research and tourism concept as one.
  • Aspects of the centre will complement Government and Industry programs and legislation as well tie opportunities to local and regional schools
  • Good options for land availability
  • McKinlay Shire Council is a strong supporter of this opportunity
  • Complements the popular At The Creek Visitor Centre


Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Zone (MITEZ) and McKinlay Shire Council (MSC)

Further information

Glen Graham, MITEZ:  E  W  P +61 7 4743 3488
McKinlay Shire Council: W